Demondawn – vocals • Mayhem – guitars • Nick Grave – bass • Messiah Of Evil – drums

Skyconqueror is a traditional heavy metal band from the surroundings of Münster (North Western Germany) - founded in early 1997 by Hellduke and Messiah Of Evil, completed shortly after by Mayhem as the bassist and Nick Grave as the lead singer.

In January 1998 the debut demo CD STREAK OF LIGHTNING with five songs was recorded by Carlos Silva at the Subsonic Studio in Rheine and released a few weeks later. In February 1998 the first gig was played at the Silmarillion in Werne in front of a crowd of 100 crazy headbangers.

A couple of gigs followed until another show was performed in July 2000 at the self-organized SUMMER METAL MEETING in Nordkirchen - now with the new line up: Demondawn (Gesang), Chris Carnage (Gitarre), Hellduke (Gitarre), Mayhem (Bass) and Messiah of Evil (Drums). In September of the same year the second 6-song-demo-CD SILVER HAZE RISING was recorded again by Carlos Silva.

The third demo CD FORGED IN HELL – self-recorded in 2002 – contained six songs in the spirit of NWOBHM. Chris left the band at the end of 2004, and SKYCONQUEROR continued as an unholy four piece. At the end of 2006 two new songs were recorded at Luna Studio in Lüdinghausen by Dieter Steffan, and published on the regional sampler JUMM VOLUME ONE.

In March 2008 the CD HELLSTORY was recorded, again at Luna Studio, containing twelve songs from the bands’ first ten years. This lethal dose of metal emerged from the pits of hell in June of 2008.

The following years the band performed several infernal shows, gave a brilliant performance in the movie “Fate and Destruction”, found new inspiration and collected a lot of material. The eleven songs of the CD UNDER THE PENTAGRAM were recorded from December 2012 until March 2014 in THE CRYPT studio out there in the dark and mysterious landscape of the wild Westfalian countryside.

Hellduke left the band in August 2014, after which Nick Grave - who had been the singer in the early days - joined again as new bass player. Mayhem, who already had contributed a couple of guitar tracks to UNDER THE PENTAGRAM, switched to play lead and rhythm guitar.

In Fall of 2017 the band moved to Dortmund Nordstadt to occupy a place for rehearsals there. At that place they are have recorded THE BLACK RAVEN, the successor to UNDER THE PENTAGRAM, and published as an EP with five tracks.

Currently the band is collecting new material for the next release, which is supposed to be published in Spring 2024.

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